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We market and perform construction services and construction management, and oversee property development projects all over the United States. Contact us today for the best in commercial construction services.

Rosewood Commercial proudly offers unparalleled general contractor services, plus an in-house full service design studio. The merger of 33 years of construction knowledge and experience combined with our in-house design services provides immeasurable value to our many clients. It allows Rosewood Commercial to translate a client’s needs and ideas into creative, viable solutions that are ahead of the competition.

…Building the Future…

Rosewood Commercial is known in the construction industry for exceptional quality, timeliness and value. We take great pride in the work we do for our clients and the reputation we uphold. With an impressive resume of satisfied clients globally, we look forward to meeting each client’s particular needs with great care, quality and professionalism.


Our group of experienced architectural drafters have many combined years of experience on AutoCAD, Revit, and Microstation. We can transform drawings, plans, blueprints, and PDF files into the native format with clean layers and references.

Most architects have very precise specifications – we deliver a final product that is dimensionally accurate and layered in a CAD file. The file names follow an established naming convention.

Obtaining proper permits for your project is what our team of professionals offer. If you are erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, improving, removing, converting, moving, demolishing any building or structure or a portion within the structure, you are required to obtain permits. Our job is to assist customers through that permitting process.

Our work is of the greatest efficiency and precision, ranging from complete demolition projects to partial demolition projects with the most methodical needs. We work on all of our projects with a surgical precision, therefore we hold an excellent history of customer satisfaction.

We specialize in selective demolition, commercial demolition, high reach demolition, industrial demolition, multi-storey demolition, and more. We hold experience working with commercial and private agencies. We can work with sites of all sizes and types.

Rosewood Commercial provides a hands-on approach to managing projects, from inception to completion. By deploying customized resources to meet the demands of each client, supported by strong technical resources, our professionals provide an end-to-end solution that discerning companies have come to depend on for projects large and small throughout the U.S.

Implementing a commercial landscape design plan — from the ground up or as an enhancement — can be quite an undertaking. And when it comes to the heavy lifting, shortcuts are the last thing you want your commercial landscaper taking. From start to finish, Rosewood Commercial’s landscape construction methodology is all-inclusive and budget-conscious.

The interior and finish-out puts the right “face” on a commercial building. In some cases, the design calls for stone-tiled floors, grand staircases, exquisite wall coverings and other features to provide a luxurious look to the facility. Some tenants want a highly modern look, with unique materials like rolled steel and aircraft cable handrails and curved staircases, or a rustic appearance with distressed metal and wood accents throughout the interior. In other cases, such as finish-outs for large chain retailers, the tenants have strict schedules and design standards right down to the brands of paint and light fixtures to ensure their newest facility matches exactly the look and feel of their other properties around the country.

Rosewood has a great resume of new builds (concept to completed core and shell), enormous experience with interior build-outs and a strong emphasis on building renovation and property development. For many years, Rosewood has emphasized the design-build concept and has shown a proven ability project after project to provide each client with a timely, cost effective and well-designed project. With Rosewood Commercial’s level of experience, our track record and our quality personnel, we can handle the needs of any client.